Shadow and Light Oracle Cards

Hi y'all,

Has anyone used this deck before? I have had three professional Tarot readings in the past and unfortunately I didn't feel a connection to the readings. I decided to give it a go on my own and wow. The cards definitely seemed to understand some of the things going on in my recent history. It was a bit uncanny actually. Has anyone used this deck? I bought it because right now I'm studying Chaos Magick and in some books I read it said to consult with some sort of divination before doing magick. I also bought them because before I proceed further with magick and putting it into actual practice, I would like to get some ducks in my head in order(had something really horrible happen about 7 months ago and although I'm utilizing the proper methods of dealing with, therapy), I wanted to do some shadow work for myself first and foremost and secondly to be a successful magician.

Have people used Oracle and Tarot decks for shadow work and connecting to the subconscious? Has anyone used this particular deck? If so can you perhaps give me some advice on how one might use them for shadow work? For instances which questions should I ask? Which types of spreads should I use? I'm just having trouble connecting with my subconscious, I don't really dream(smoke pot) and I've tried talking to it and asking it to let itself known to itself, and I know it has things to say. I realize these sorts of divinations are used for a variety of reasons but this is the particular reason right now. I appreciate your advice, thank you in advance!!

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