Shadow Card: The Fool

Just bought a deck from mystical manga tarot, felt like the deck resonates with me. Thoughts on my story please! When I first opened the deck, I cleansed it with candles and himalayan sea salt. Whenever I opened the deck, the bottom card was The Fool. Interestingly, I would always shuffle the cards and ask for a sign, and the same card would fall out. Hours later, I did a few fun readings for my friend and would reshuffle again. Whenever I was done with the deck, I was gonna put it back into the box but I curiously looked at the back, and it was the Fool again by coincidence. This card has frequently showed itself to me, how crazy was this? I got the card on the bottom and put it on the top this time. Next day, I practiced and got the same results. Can anyone give me further explanation on why this card has been always on the bottom of the deck for me? I'm currently a graduated student and looking for a job, but am kinda lost on what route to take. Is this the universe showing me my current situation?

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