Should I Delve Deeper Into the Intuition I Feel I Strongly Possess?


I'm new here and wanted to ask this because I need advice.

For a very long time since I was young, my intuition and interpretation skills have always been incredibly accurate and I honestly feel scared when I put then to use.

I read Tarot for the first time when I was 13 for a friend. Well, it was more like "Fortune Telling" but with playing cards. I was just goofing around but had the friend shuffle and draw cards in which I interpreted the meaning to what I felt it meant.

Long story short, this draw happened down to the last card and his entire life was flipped upside down. When we finally got in contact again, he said he never wanted another reading ever again and I agreed because the fact it all happened as I said made me scared.

About 7 years later, I did a small reading for a different friend and A single Tarot pull for another. Thesw TOO turned out how I said and I once again put my box away because the accuracy of the reading was making me incredibly scared.

1 year later even though I felt I shouldn't, I did a small 3 month reading for myself. I wrote everything the reading said down to see if maybe it was just a coincidence but once again, it turnes out too accurate to my liking and I've since haven't touched my box of card or Tarot.

Deep down I feel if I look further into it maybe I have a natural gift for interpreting the cards but everytime I think of even trying to figure out where to start, I get terrified as if I'm messing with the universe or something.

Is this feeling natural? Will it be bad if I actually dive Into it all and learn more? If I do look into it, where do I even start?

I'd really appreciate some advice on this.

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