Should I let go of my childish sense of self?

I feel there's a childish state of mind and previous identity I'm outgrowing, one that was in part naturally part of my personality and in part developed in response to the sheltered, stunted upbringing I had. I feel I'm moving on from holding onto that worldview and identity, but I have doubts: is that really a part of me I should hold onto? What will happen if I let go, and what will I find beyond it?

I received from the Labryinthos App: Five of Swords, The Star, and Wheel of Fortune.

Since it's an app, it doesn't do upright or reverse, but I feel the Five of Swords is meant to be reverse, with its meaning of reconciliation and cutting losses. Overall, I think it's saying to cut it off (Five of Swords), I will experience rebirth (The Star) and Wheel of Fortune I will enter a new cycle of self.

Others' thoughts welcome.

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