Six of Cups as Future for Health?

I got a spread for someone in a deep health crisis that was a little confusing. They’re in the midst of a dire, multi-year health event that almost killed them. No clear path to healing has emerged and it’s been very, very hard.

Past: Temperance RX This was in relation to internal physical imbalances stemming from genetics. They’re working to rebalance but have to literally find their own methods and experiment on themselves to see what may work. Though path but they’re working hard at it.

Present: Three Of Cups This again goes with finding the right treatments. I see it as three major components to healing and there may soon be cause to celebrate, or at least calibrate and find some meaningful balance and recover some quality of life (currently this person has almost none).

Future: Six of Cups This baffled me. There is lots of childhood trauma for this person, and they do the regular work of ongoing healing. Both parents were a nightmare and they almost didn’t survive them. This is a “past” card, so what’s it doing upright in a future reading on health?

I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this read. This client is dear and I just felt blocked on that last card. Are there any healing clues you see, in any of the cards? I even saw the veg on Three of Cups as clues to eat whole food, which they are doing. And Temperance as a “hydrate” card. But Six Cups just stumps me.

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