So I recently got a tarot deck and I’ve been using for a couple months now, but I want to try reading for others. How do you go about this?

I’ve been using my cards for a while now and I finally feel comfortable enough to maybe try and read for somebody else. Something that’s been confusing me though is that, people that I’ve talked to have different opinions on how they handle their cards. For example I know somebody who never lets anybody touch their cards. They’ve heard that it’s bad juju. But I know of others that let many touch their cards. When I read for someone I feel like need their energy in the cards but I don’t know how to get that in there without them(the cards) being touched. I think my ideal setting would be that I have two decks; one for me personally to use and one specifically for reading others. But my budget is kind of tight right now and I can only really afford one. Not to mention I can’t really have them out in the open around my family(which sucks). I guess a long story short, I just would like to know how others read their cards for people.

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