So I was gifted a new deck and I’m having trouble breaking it in…

It's a "classic design tarot". For all intents and purposes it is a slightly altered Ryder-Wait. I haven't read in a decade, but I'm no stranger to the cards. I've had it for a few days and I'm just shuffling without reading when I have time. I shuffled it for a night face down and for two face up. There's a bend to the back that biases face down no matter how hard I try to even it out. Is this a strange omen? I haven't done any readings yet, just random single pulls and chuckles when cards fly out. I don't want to do any readings until a new moon charge. But it irks me that this deck banana curves in one direction and nothing I've done to change that seems to alter the back bend. Am I thinking too hard here or is this going to be an issue?

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