So im getting rid of a deck, but i really like the spread so ive typed out the full spread, and im uploading it in here in text so its easy to refer to on my phone, hope some of yall really like the spread :)

Hey guys, really quick, a friend of mine bought me a necronomicon tarot deck since finding male centric decks are semi hard to find and ya boys a HUGE SUCKER for eldritch horror, some things have since transpired and im going to give her the deck back to return ( or throw away since we arent on the best speaking terms and she has to see me to pick up our kids lmfao ) as she bought it fairly recently anyways im sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, my keyboard is on its final legs and im not ready to give up on her yet πŸ™ .I Tried to leave out all the extra fluff for all of our sakes , ANYWAYS, ENOUGH OF THIS im gonna stop wasting your time and post the damn spread . ENJOY it took a fair bit of my free time ( but was very cathartic !) .

P.S. if anyone knows where i can get more spreads or do other such things with people let me know, as my ex was the only person i ever really experimented with, and while my friends are super supportive and let me give them readings, they arent INTO it so its more like just them being the absolute best bros they could be , anyways HERE

THE NECRONOMICON LAYOUT is designed to provide a general life reading into the present and immediate future situatuion of the inquirer. It gives

insight into five areas; Family Life, Social Life, Work Life, Love Life, and School Life.


~Divide the deck into two packs, one containing the twenty-two trumps and the other containing the fifty-six suit cards. shuffle both packs thoroughly

taking care to break them into two parts and rotate one of the packets every now and then, so that there is a good mix of upright and inverted cards~.

This layout takes into account the meanings of inverted cards. However those who prefer not to employ inverted cards in divination can simply keep

all the cards upright when shuffling the two packs, and read them all upright in the layout. Its a matter of personal preference. ( *I USE INVERTED


Taking reversals into account will generally make a reading less positive, and if too much emphasis is placed on the significance of inverted, the

reading can become so bleak and depressing that it loses all usefulness. The diviner should be aware of his danger and avoid overly stressing the

hurtful aspect of inverted cards.

~~Take up the pack of suit cards and deal out a row of five cards facedown from left to right. Set the pack aside. Take up the pack of trumps and

deal a similar row of five cards above the first row, also from left to right. Lay a sixth card from the trumps above the middle middle card in

in the upper row, and set the pack aside. The upper row is known as the Masters. The lower row is known as the Servants. The single card at the top

is called the Card of Fate.

The first Master on the left is the Trump of the Family Life of the inquirer, and the Servant immediately below it pretrains to relatives and family

members. The second Master rules the Social Life of the inquirer , and its Servant deals with friends or acquaintances. he third Master concerns the

Work Life and its Servant gives insight into coworkers, bosses, and subordinates. The fourth Master is the card of the Love Life, and its Servant pertains to the love or spousal interest of the inquirer.. The fifth Master is about the School Life, and its servant gives insight into teachers,

guides, or mentors. The solitary Card of Fate that stand above all the others shows a ruling higher influence over the immediate future of the

inquirer that may affect any of these five areas of life.

The upper row of Masters pertains to the present situation. It gives the environment or framework of the inquirers life in which events

unfold and actions are taken. The lower row of Servants shows he near future, things that will occur to cause changes to the existing circumstances,

and the individuals most concerned with those events. The Card of Fate is timeless and may affect both present and future conditions.

When the number cards of the suits from Ace to Ten turn up on the row of Servants, they define the events in which the classes of people in that area

of the inquirer's life will play a part. When a court card turns upon the row of Servants, it indicates an individual who will dominate that area of

life in the near future. The presence of a court card shows that the person it represents will be more important in the life of the inquirer than the

events convicted with the person.

For example, the Servant under the Master of Family Life shows the actions of relatives and family members in the home environment. If it is a number card, it indicates particular actions taken by a relative or family member; who will be more important in the life of the inquirer than the near-future

events surrounding the person.

The Card of Fate is a kind of a wild card that can be used as the key to understanding the layout. It should be used as the key to understanding the layout. It should be used in conjunction with each pair of Masters and Servants, as a link between them that influences and defines their dynamic interaction. The Master gives the background as it presently exists in that particular area of life. The Servant shows the future unfolding of events that grow out of the present situation, emphasizing either the events themselves in the case of a number card, or the person at the center of those events in the case of a court card. The Card of Fate suggests how the future may have evolved out of the present.

The Card of Fate also show, in a more general sense, the overall direction of the inquirer's life in the near future, its prevailing tendency or inclination. It should be turned first and considered by itself at the beginning of a reading, to obtain the keynote for the interpretation of the layout and also considered alone at the end of the reading as the final summation of the message of the cards concerning the inquirer's life. It is not a card of fatality, but should be taken as a guide and a warning. If it is positive, the trend in the near future will be positive in general, but if its negative, the trend will be more difficult and will require caution and thoughtfulness in the area indicated by the Card of Fate.

First, turn the Card of Fate upright from left to right to preserve its orientation, Consider its general significance in the life of the person receiving the reading. The remaining cards are read from left to right, in pairs. Turn each pair over from side to side to ensure their orientation is maintained. First turn the Master and consider its significance in the context of the area of life it rules, then turn the servant below it and analyze its relationship to the master. Think of how it evolved out of the Master and how the Master influences and constrains its action, Now consider the influence of the Card of Fate in conditioning the link between the Master and the Servant.

The Master of each pair is passive or background, the Servant is the active agent that functions within the frame of the Master. The Servants all represent people in the life of the inquirer, with emphasis either on what they will do in the case of the number cards, or who they are in the case of the court cards. The Card of Fate acts as a filter that limits and colors the dynamic between each Master and Servant. Depending on its nature, the action of each pair may be strong or weak, assisted or hindered, constructive or obstructive.

When all the cards are faceup on the table, look across the line of the Masters for any trend or common thread that connects all five cards. Then study the line of Servants for any common trend- for example, a predominance of a particular suit, or several court cards

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