So many wands…

I've been working on getting a new creative project rolling, and at least I'm no longer looking at the start of the start. I asked my deck how it was going and I'm not sure how to read this. I normally do a 4 card spread, but I pulled two more to try to clear things up. Thank you kindly. This is an RWS deck from a deck called "The Original Tarot".

  • Knight of Wands
  • 8 Coins
  • 9 Wands
  • Ace Wands
  • King Wands
  • 3 Wands

Knight Wands – I've been struggling on which direction to take. This feels like a start, but it isn't the Chariot. 8 Coins – I've posted some examples of my work and I'm in kind of an analysis phase, if that makes sense? 9 wands – feels like I've laid it all out there. Ace Wands – the creative project is creative writing related and I'm pretty creative anyway. I dunno. King Wands – I'm sticking my neck out financially by moving to semi-retirement. Not sure if this applies there or not. 3 Wands – I'm feeling like a day off or two to catch my breath but this seems to indicate I should keep rolling?

So many wands….

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