So…I asked my cat some questions and got responses via tarot…

The first question I asked her was “How do you feel about your life” Her response: 10 of cups – She has everything she may ever want or really need & loves where her life is at

  1. “If there is anything you could change what would it be?” Response: Queen of Wands – She wishes SHE could be in charge. It’s funny because she’s a Leo sun / Leo Moon & if I knew her birth time I’d have to say she’s a Leo Rising too 😂 Sorry little lady, princess is a more fitting title for you.

  2. “Other than being the queen, what would you change?” Response: 3 of Cups – she wishes she had a friend…a little brother perhaps. She has a big brother now, but he’s 140lbs so she’s looking for something more her speed … 😉 So I am now manifesting a new kitten into my life.

This was such a cool and crazy accurate experience for me that I just felt compelled to share!! 😂🥰 Hope you enjoy

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