Some confusing placements in a spread about an acquaintance of mine

I have a new acquaintance, who I will refer to as a friend from here on because it’s just easier to type. We are both part of a group of people who interact on a regular basis for work and hangout outside of work.

While I get along with this person most of the time, there is some friction that I cannot put my finger on. There has been no actual conflict, they just seem…upset by my presence at times, and at other times completely fine. With everyone else, I can safely call them friends. But this person keeps me at arm’s length to the point where even 3rd parties have noticed they seem tense and uncomfortable around me.

I drew a few cards and while the cards about myself make perfect sense (I am leaving my comfort zone to get to know new people, leaving behind my past and moving forward, etc), I am absolutely confused by their “feelings” towards me.

I used a “You vs Them” spread that was not specific to romance or platonic issues and pulled a few cards for each position, which is my preferred way to read. When I got to the “how they feel about you” section, these were their cards:

-Knight of Wands
-Queen of Cups
-9 of Pentacles
-5 of Swords

Followed by The Moon which I pulled as a clarifying card to “tie” them all together.

This is confusing me, because I’m not sure how to interpret these. The wands suit is a suit of sexuality and attraction to me, especially the Knight of Wands. But then it’s balanced with the emotional Queen of Cups, and then pentacles, then swords, followed by a Major Arcana. I rarely get cards that line up like this and these ones are confusing to me.

My initial gut reaction is to interpret this as this person having some kind of repressed attraction for me??? Something that has caught them off guard and they want to hide it as much as they can.

I am staring at my screen now thinking of how to interpret that part. It makes no sense to me given how flippant and rude they’ve been at times. Sometimes it seems like they hate having to be around me and I can absolutely guarantee I’ve done nothing to warrant that.

I’d love to hear all your thoughts here. This isn’t someone I’m dating or in the process of trying to date, just wanted to get deeper into a vibe that has been off for some reason.

Thanks in advance.

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