Strength reversed relating to how honest somebody is being?

I asked my cards how honest somebody was being with me. They have a lot of stories about their past and I feel like they have a few too many stories. I understand some people can honestly just go through a lot, and sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

I pulled Strength Reversed paired with 9 of Swords. I think maybe this could mean they're being honest about all of their sad stories about their past. Like life really could be a nightmare, you know? And it's made them feel insecure.

I know 7 of Swords could indicate a Liar, and I have pulled Temperance before for somebody who likewise had a lot of sad stories to tell that almost seemed like something from fanfiction (which I determined to mean she was being honest).

I have Page of Wands as my Illuminated card, meaning the situation as seen from my perspective, and I have 6 of Wands as my Shadow Card (what I can't easily see from my personal perspective).

Since none of the stories seem to have a narcissistic bent, I don't take 6 of Wands to mean he's aggrandizing himself. It's possible he might just word things in an overly flowery way (Page of Wands indicating somebody passionate and full of ideas).

Maybe he's a genuinely sad person who has actually been through a lot.

What do you guys think?

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