Struggling to connect with my new deck

Im going to start this by saying that I am pretty experienced with tarot, so I bought the Hush Tarot deck the other day and its a deck I’ve been searching for a long time. I’ve already been noticing the deck was being a bit weird and its readings were not very in depth, so I tried to do an introduction spread and it just wasn’t making any sense the cards were contradicting each other and didn’t make sense in their placements. So I decided to try one last time and the meaning of the first card I pulled was “things are not going as planned emotional connections are being blocked” and every other card after that I pulled had something to do with blocked emotional connections. I have no idea why the deck is blocking me out and im really confused. Honestly I feel like its rejecting me lol. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and is there anything I can do to fix this?

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