Struggling to find an oracle deck that resonates?

Okay, so for context, I've owned a few tarot decks in my life but never really felt a "bond" with any of them, until a new deck arrived yesterday, the Ethereal Visions illuminated tarot deck. I feel such an attachment to it that it has actually startled me a little bit! I had never realised you could have such an instant magnetism with a deck.

I was inspired by a post on here yesterday to interview it, and that turned out great as well. I think this is the biggest reason I have never been consistent with tarot, because I have never had a connection to a deck before.

I'm now more inspired than ever to properly delve into tarot, and so I spent some time yesterday and today looking for an oracle deck to help me with more specific guidance. But, I haven't found a single oracle deck that resonates with me? Does anyone else have this problem? Or any advice? I even thought about just picking one where I thought the art was cute, but I'm even having trouble finding decks I like the look of.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any oracle decks that complements the Ethereal Visions deck?

Thanks so much in advance!

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