suddenly: inaccurate readings :(

Is there a more experienced reader that can help me out with this, please?

I have been reading cards for a couple of months already and everything has always been very accurate when I give readings for myself or other people. Even time periods were right on spot until about a week ago when my predictions and outcomes started not making sense. I would ask for other people to read me the same question I had done for myself but with their own deck. Various readers would tell me the same thing for the same question, and it was totally different from what my own cards told me.

I've tried reading other people as well, and they also don't resonate with the given message from my cards.

I am currently not in a bad state of mind, clouded or going through any hardship or preoccupation and no one but me has touched my cards ever.

I have already tried cleansing my deck with various methods and it hasn't made much difference. Someone told me to sleep with the cards under my pillow because maybe I needed to re-connect with them, so I did, but still nothing.

Should I just get a new set? Idk what to do! thank you so much for your advice.

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