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Hello! I hope that this post isn't off topic, as its about interpreting 2 cards, but not for a reading. Im planning to get a tattoo or tattoo set, and was thinking of using tarot cards for the design, at least part of it.

The design would hopefully include 3 cards I kindof identify with the most I felt, and would also make an interesting design.

  1. Wheel of Fortune I always have felt very drawn to ideas of luck and karma, the good and bad energy. Particularly the idea of balance. Because neither good nor bad luck last forever. In addition, I liek the message of change, whether positive or negative, because its a constant.

  2. The Moon I've dealt with a lot of insecurity and anxiety in my life. As well as trying to figure out my own motivations, and not let my fears gold me back. So to me this card represents a large part of who I am, reversed or otherwise.

  3. The Sun I've always tried to be externally very optimistic, happy go lucky, as a way to combat my own anxieties. It also symbolizes my goals to an extent, of wanting to be more confident and self assured.

Together, to me, they represent change, and the mental changes that come with it. The good and bad, through times when I feel confident, anxious, when I feel like I know myself, and times that I don't. So my thought was to combine the cards, having the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune on the backdrop of a split sun-moon (half the sphere is the moon, half the sun. Or a sun with the crescent moon curving through one side)

I was kindof hopign some of you guys might have thoughts on this, or be able to tell me if I'm misinterpreting these before I do this.

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