Supportive readings?

I feel a little ridiculous asking this but Ive had an unusual occurrence tonight. Usually when I do my readings, I get a good reality check. Sometimes more harshly than others, but I find it helps me stay grounded.

Tonight, I had a supportive reading. For context, I just broke some big news to a guy I’d been seeing and he had to take a step back. We’ve been really smitten with eachother (moreso than any of my past relationships) so while I’m disappointed, I understand.

Usually my cards would be telling me to let it go, move on, it’s not going to happen. Tonight, they told me he’s struggling but just needs time and he will be back (all within the context of if he brings true light to my life). I’ve never had this kind of a reading and it feels…wrong? Are anyone’s decks ever supportive? Im at a loss for how to handle relatively good news from the deck. 😅

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