Tarology by Enrique Enriquez


I posted this, this morning, but it got taken down for piracy, that is not what I am intending at all.

Tarology is a documentary that was produced about the marseille tarot. It was produced in around 2012 I think, via a kick starter campaign.

I live in Australia and I would really like to see it. So I am looking for a copy. I am happy to purchase the dvd off anyone who has one.

I know that is currently been distributed by amazon prime video in the US; (lucky you, watch it and tell me if it’s worth hunting down!) the only copy I can find on eBay etc seems to be the accompanying book, which I don’t want, I want the film.

So to repeat, wanting/happy to buy a copy of the DVD from someone. If someone could direct me to the author (I have tried contacting through amazon, I have received no response) and the web link for the kick starter now leads to a sex site.


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