Tarot absolutely spot on

I’ve had to make a really difficult and stressful health-related decision recently, I wrestled with it but made my choice and started to implement it.

This morning my usually amazing partner said “Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you’re not going to change your mind?” I started to freak out, text my best friend about it, and she said “I’ve been wondering the same thing.”

I panicked. I felt really pressured and started questioning my choice while also feeling really upset and alone. Making decisions and backing myself is hard for me and both my partner and BFF (who are usually my absolute ride-or-die best supporters) knew what I had been through in deciding this.

I pulled out my tarot deck in absolute despair and asked for general guidance. I have the This Might Hurt deck which I love because I find it super supportive but also direct. I pulled:

Four of Swords – Get some rest (I’d had a terrible sleep the night before). The Lovers reversed – I took this to mean “Ignore those two, don’t sweat it” – would anyone interpret this differently? The High Priestess – Trust your intuition.

I decided to back myself and my decision and felt much calmer the rest of the day.

Tarot for the win.

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