Tarot affirmations

I got into tarot a little over a year ago and since buying a new deck with more traditional imagery (golden universal tarot) and using the Labyrinthos app exercises I’m feeling like I’m finally starting to get a good flow going and my readings are making more sense.

I just wanted to share something that I think also really helped me and I’m not sure if this is super obvious or not but if you’re new and having trouble stringing together a message from the cards, try making an affirmation out of it. I saw a big TikTok-er do this (badbxtchastrology) and her videos just really made things click for me. I would usually put every card into the app and read the definitions and then try to connect it to what’s going on in my life(which is also fine!), but now that I’ve got a few key words connected to almost every card from practicing and watching her do this in tiktoks, it looks more like this:

Today’s pull: 4 of wands reversed, heirophant reversed, 6 of swords.

Family conflict, untraditional, leaving something behind.

“Even when I’m surrounded by family conflict, I give myself permission to do what is right for me and not what is expected of me. Confident in my knowledge of the truth, I can leave behind things that don’t serve me.“

Again, this might be totally well known but I just got excited about how my readings have felt since I’ve started approaching them this way and wanted to share in case it was helpful for anybody else! I’d love any other advice if any one wants to share!

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