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Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on the best tarot app for studying tarot and doing readings on the go.

I've noticed a lot of apps use their own decks, but I am looking to study up on the original Rider-Waite, which in theory shouldn't be much of an issue since from what I understand even with the most restrictive interpretation of copyright it already entered the public domain last year. Yet it seems most tarot apps just shy away from it and use their own alternatives, which are often too different from the original RW. I'd also like to be able to study the Marseille or Thoth decks, but it seems almost no app mentions those at all.

The other issue is that most apps seem to focus on the virtual reading capabilities but only offer somewhat entry-level information on the cards, lessening the potential for study. The best I've found for this is called "Mysterious Tarot" which does have the original AE Waite info for each card, astrological info, and even an encyclopedia of symbols, numbers and colors, but it has a TON of interstitial ads. Ideally, I'd want something similar, but with less intrusive ads because as it is Mysterious Tarot is a pain to use.

If you have any recommendations, please share them. Thank you!

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