Tarot Card Eras? “I’m in my Death era”

I’ve been reading tarot for myself for maybe 7 or so years, and I’ve noticed that some cards are just attached to me for certain periods of times and then they stop and a new card or two takes their place. Its usually Major Arcana cards, which makes sense since those are overarching or “major” themes.

Currently, I’m in my Death era. The frequency with which I pull this card honestly makes me chuckle every time. Recently I purchased and received the Alleyman’s Tarot which has 8 different Death cards and I cannot stress how correct it felt. Instantly bonded to that deck. I even pulled one in my interview reading! This is now going on 4 years with Death, and I sort of expect it to stick around until at least my Saturn Return in 5 years just because that seems….appropriate? It will always be a common card for me I think, I just understand and connect to it in a way that seems permanent.

What have been your Tarot Card Eras? Or what Era do you think you’re in now? Would love to hear others experience with these long-term (year or more) stalker cards! 🙂

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