Tarot cards I hate

Hello there, I was thinking today,that we all probably have tarot cards we hate and totally don't understand or wanna see in our reading…

Mine,from Major Arcana are Justice ( oh ,how much I hate this card) and Judgement!

I can't describe my hatred towards those cards, because I am a person of emotions and everything logical makes me wanna crawl out of my skin…

On the contrary,my favourite cards,are: Three of swords(oh yes, I do) ,The Devil and the Lovers(which happen to be my birth cards combined with (i dunno how) my zodiac (Gemini) and ascendant (Capricorn), and I also adore,adore,adore, The Tower (maybe I am a masochist xD)

What's your opinion on these? ☺️☺️

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