Tarot: Divination vs intuition?

I started reading Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen. She says tarot is all about connecting with one’s own intuition in the face of a question or problem and not at all about speaking to guides or a means of predicting the future through them.

While I definitely thought tarot was about intuition, I also thought there was more of a divination component to it. An answer to “will taking x job bring me more into alignment of my purpose” would be a message from spirit or guides coming through to get me on my path, rather than my own intuition on the situation.

Love my intuition and all but I thought tarot was a way to connect with my guides. Maybe the issue is not tarot, and I need to see start seeing me and my intuition and my guides as one and not separate.

I watch tarot on YouTube sometimes and they definitely frame it as messages from the guides. So this leads me to believe there are a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Very curious dear Redditors, how do you view tarot – a tool to connect to your intuition or a tool to connect to guides? Or are these one in the same?

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