Tarot Experiment: Confusion or Confirmation?

I was inspired by u/worshipdrummer to perform my own little tarot experiment using roughly the same question that they did~ The reason for this is simple. Many books teach us that asking the same question over and over will lead to mixed/confusing results. It's advised that we refrain from doing so. I wanted to check it out myself as I also used to hold myself back from asking over and over at the start. Since then, the way I read has changed a bit. So, here we go~

QUESTION: Is there going to be something romantic between me and my person soon?

  1. 💜VII of Needles, The Chariot, VI of Needles🧡✨ It may be difficult to get started. Think outside of the box. Perhaps we need to patch things up first and it'll take some creativity?
  2. 💜Ace of Candles, The Hanged Man, King of Potions🧡✨ A passionate opportunity is there, but my person may need to solve some emotional difficulties first.
  3. 💜The Hanged Man, IX of Presents, Page of Presents🧡✨ If we hang in there, we may be surprised and satisfied by what our hard work could bring.
  4. 💜VI of Potions, III of Presents, Page of Potions🧡✨ Stay hopeful. We may be able to make this happen together and create happy memories.
  5. 💜VII of Presents, Page of Candles, The High Priestess🧡✨ This is like saying my person has put in so much effort, but they're still not quite ready to come forward and we both know that.
  6. 💜VII of Candles, III of Needles, VII of Presents🧡✨ Reaching out right now may hurt if we aren't prepared.
  7. 💜VI of Potions, Knight of Candles, VII of Needles🧡✨ Too much happiness may lead to impulsiveness and that could be a problem.
  8. 💜III of Needles, Knight of Needles, King of Needles🧡✨ To prevent heartbreak/pain, my person may be progressing from the Knight of Needles to the King of Needles. This is about slowing down and thinking a little more before acting.
  9. 💜Ace of Needles, King of Presents, King of Needles (followed by King of Candles, The Lovers, II of Potions)🧡✨ Wow, this one was beautiful. All of these cards jumped out at once in that order. Three kings and my person is usually represented by the King of Cups, which is the only missing king but showed up in the second round. This simple reading just cleared up something crucial I'd been wondering about for around a year or so. My emotion was swiftly stripped away from me. For rational people, this may not make sense. Even though I'm spiritual, I couldn't understand why this was possible because I'm proud of my emotions. They're a huge part of my life and having that intensity missing felt so wrong on such a personal level. I'm usually represented as the Queen of Cups in my readings opposite my person's King of Cups. If my emotion has been suppressed, odds are that my person's have been too. They're so close to becoming The Emperor. To be more precise, they always were The Emperor. They just didn't realize it. I've been ranting to myself for so long about how much potential they have and how they should just let it out already. lol I've also been struggling with my Empress qualities shining. This round to me is like showing the truth and sewing together all of the pieces to make a beautiful and harmonious connection.
  10. 💜King of Presents, IX of Potions, Queen of Potions🧡✨ My person may be planning a heartfelt surprise or gift based on both of our wishes. Such a lovely way to wrap it up. xD~ heh heh heh

RESULTS: To put it simply, my person is in the process of realizing their potential and so am I. Everything is unfolding nicely and rushing it would most likely create problems. It also looks like controlling ourselves could be a snag. lol Even so, we're on track for something beautiful. As for the experiment itself, round number 9 just upped my awareness a few notches. If you pull cards for an important reading and are unable to read them out of confusion, write them down for later. Maybe you'll pull those messages at a later time and they could be even more important then. If you feel blocked and are unable to pull anything, you and your person may not be ready and still have more reflecting to do. In the end, asking the same question repeatedly is similar to pulling as many cards for a single question as you feel you need with clarifiers included. That's actually the way that I read in the first place. lol If I use a spread, I usually still add more cards.

This is the way that I look at tarot. I believe I will always get a message I need to hear. This may mean tidbits of information in the cards regarding how to get there or how to heal myself. If the cards no longer make sense because I can no longer pull messages at all or I get multiple repeats, it's because I have all the information I need at the moment. If I'm feeling genuinely confused, it may be something I'm not seeing. The exception is something like intuition training. Those that work with tricky guides may find themselves blocked on purpose as a test. This was a fun experiment and a true eye opener. ✨💞

Deck: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot by Minerva Siegel/Abigail Larson

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