Tarot experiment: I did what everyone advises not to. Lol.

This time I just thought to explore my cards and give it a go. (which as for someone nerdy into science like me, find that a pretty cool experiment) Also because I’m always skeptical af lol. So the experiment is asking the same exact question, I write them down afterwards and I always cleanse before and after with the same incense. I asked a total of 10 times.

I did multiple readings about the same thing… I normally never do this by the way.. (same question)

I’m asking about a love reading, if there’s going to be something romantic/be in a relationship with said person and I keep getting two types of readings:

  • one which says that “something” (4of wands always comes up) in the future is possible (either with 6 of swords, star and chariot). Further I did get some nice cups cards such as the ace or the king, but nothing “very strong” such as the two of cups.

  • the other that says it won’t. Always with some sort of cutting cards such as the 10 of swords, 5 of cups, and such negative ones. Seems that there’s some sort of conflict coming up (5 of wands/swords also comes up regularly)

I’m really intrigued to know why it turned out to have two answers opposing each other. The cards always tell the same, and of the 10 times I got negative only 4.

Normally my cards are almost always accurate, and more often than not thankfully warn me of things coming up, which I absolutely love. But not always as clear, may just be one cards and the rest of the spread looks super positive. Because the spread is normally positive, I normally take a different interpretation of the negative card, which in turn turns out to be its strongest negative meaning. This called me the attention so much I started this experiment.

Please no answers such as “you’ll get confused if you ask very often”, the experiment was exactly to test why my cards do this in other readings.

Should I get a new deck? Different cleansing?

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