Tarot has been very comforting.

An incredibly abusive person I knew once said that they liked to manipulate situations to their benefit via fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Tarot has been very comforting to me when dealing with people and situations rife with fear, uncertainty and doubt. It helps me corral the anxiety and tap into my intuition about the situation, which is usually the soft light shining through the FOG (fear, obligation and guilt) of war.

I don’t see tarot as a divination practice. I see it more as a tool to help your psyche break huge, daunting subjects (the ones that make your brain kind of give up and give into panic) into smaller pieces that are more approachable. Which also helps a tiny bit with rumination for me personally.

This is a very vague post basically saying that my tarot deck has helped me stay focused while said incredibly abusive person has been trying to extort me. And yes, I have legal help, and also spent the last year putting a plan in place that should have this person completely out of my life in 1-2 years tops. I mean honestly, this recent extortion attempt might resolve it a little faster.

Thank you Death! Looking forward to The World.

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