Tarot planner?

I haven't set up a system yet, I have executive dysfunction and often rely on external scaffolding to help me get things done so I'm thinking of using a planner. I'm still ironing out what may be useful to me. I typically follow a calendar, but now I'm starting to experiment with following the moon phases. Apologies if this posts wanders a bit as I'm still figuring things out.

  • I'm just starting to follow moon phases, and what house the moon is in. I'm thinking about doing reads on the full and new moons and I would something to provide scaffolding and guide me through. To remind me to do it, when to do it, spreads that are useful. I'm not sure if there are correspondences between tarot and the moon or months.

  • I still will likely do short 1-3 card monthly reads as I still do my planning every month to set intentions/clear my head.

  • Maybe will also do weekly reads. I sit down to plan each week, and doing a short spread each week might help.

  • Also need room to do spreads when I have questions or am trying to figure something out.

  • I would also like something that gives me ideas on what spreads to use. I tend to stick with a celtic cross when I have questions I'm trying to answer, and lately I've been running out of energy before I finish reading.

  • I have a couple oracle decks that I'm considering combining with my tarot decks. I've seen a few videos on how to do this, but am still processing ideas.

I'm trying to figure out how to organize this info…

I'm thinking I may use a printable for the monthly and weekly reads and put them in my planner. I have limited room, adding 5 pages each month won't be an issue though. And it won't be a distraction if it's quick and part of the planning process. That should be easy to follow. I'll take a look at etsy. If anyone has recs, I'd love to hear them!

And then I think it would work to keep a separate "spiritual" planner, that reads on the moons, so here I would need reminders of the and spread ideas. I would also need room for my "thinking" spreads, where I'm puzzling things out, and can reference the moon spreads if needed. It would be best if it's all integrated in one place, otherwise I would likely wander off on a tangent and not come back. If anyone has recs for something along these lines, please let me know!

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