Tarot Prices?

Hi, everyone! Okay, so I've been searching the web for some kind of indicator, but sadly I can't really get a clear answer I'm comfortable with. So I've come to Reddit lol.

I own a small tarot shop on Etsy. It's nothing much really, and when i started off things were working out quite great for me. But as my shop grew in popularity, I started feeling like I want earning enough for the amount of profit I was making. Along with balancing a full time job, it gets pretty tiring. Don't get me wrong, I loveeee my workings and it really is a passion for me, but Im starting to wonder if the effort is worth the compensation when it comes to my little shop. I was wondering if I'm charging enough, or even to much maybe? What's a good price for a reading these days? Taking into account the reading, interpretation, time, energy and typing of the reading into account here.

I'll attach my shop link here if you'd like to take my current prices into account πŸ™‚ naynanymph.etsy.com

EDIT: Thank you all for your advice! I bumped up my prices a lil now. Thank you so much for the insight! It really helped me so much.

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