Tarot printers in North America

Hi everyone,

I had my first tarot deck printed about 4 years ago. (Considerate Cat!) I'm looking to do a reprint of my original tarot deck and my new playing cards coming out. I don't think I can link my product here but you can google if you like.

One of my original goals was to have to product published and printed in Canada or north America. I was soon educated on how difficult and expensive that is. Especially when looking for the two piece rigid box that really makes a deck IMO.

Does anyone have any contacts or suggestions for me? I originally used a printer in India and I am about 85 percent happy with them. Their communication wasn't great and about 100 of the decks arrived damaged but overall it was a good experience. I have a new contact in China that many other artists have worked with. I still have that inkling for wanting to print in north america though and I thought i'd reach out here to see if anyone has any suggestions. I'd be getting about 2-3000 printed for each deck depending on how pre orders go so print on demand isn't really a good option. Looking forward to hearing your replies and feel free to DM me as well if you'd like to chat further.

xoxo -madeleine //// considerate cat tarot.

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