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The spread I’m doing is the Three Options spread from Labyrinthos where you literally just have three options of how you can react in a situation and you ask what each choice leads to. The situation so that I have a trip planned to visit a friend, but now I found some thing out that threw me out emotionally. So I’m trying to figure out whether I should still go or cancel the trip. The first option (leftmost) represents what would happen if I went on the trip and kept talking to them normally. The second option (middle) represents what would happen if I stop talking to them for a while and didn’t go on the trip and took time for myself. The last option (rightmost) represents what would happen if I went on the trip by myself without visiting them but kept talking to them.

My interpretation from left to right: 1. a want for peace in the situation, harmony, maybe it means that the situation is solved and things become peaceful when I go 2. youre gonna want some closure anyways and you’re gonna start criticizing yourself a lot for the decision you made 3. withdrawing from a situation and assessing whether going on the trip is still an opportunity that you can take advantage of

Tarot Deck being used: The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

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