Tarot spread advice please?

I have a friend who has been teaching me about Tarot. She did me a relationship spread but left me to interpret my own cards for now, to see if i can gather their true meanings. So card 1 was me, card 2 my partner, card 3 the state of our relationship, card 4 some advice and card 5 the likely outcome.

  • Card 1 was The Queen of Cups, which suits my personality down to a T, as a very emotional empath with a caring supportive nature
  • Card 2 was 7 of Pentacles Reversed which also suits my partner’s personality. He has a tendency to be lazy and self-critical and is always measuring his successes against the successes of others.
  • Card 3 was The Lovers Reversed, which makes absolute sense. My partner of 8 years & i have been going through a really rough patch. There has been a lot of conflict and disharmony, and we’ve both seriously considered calling time on our relationship, despite the fact that there is still love there.
  • Card 4 was Temperance which advises patience and understanding other’s point of view and cooperating in order to restore balance, which again makes perfect sense, given the state of our relationship, and the fact that we have both been trying really hard lately to see eye to eye and be more considerate of each other. We have, in fact, been getting along much better as a result which is why i think we are both in 2 minds about whether or not to try and ultimately work things out
  • Card 5 was Judgement, and this is where i get confused about my “likely outcome” My understanding of Judgement is that it is a card of rebirth and re-awakening, but also revival. My Tarot guidebook says that Judgement is all about having a moment of revelation and self-awareness and being reborn to be your most authentic self. Which sounds great, except i cannot figure out if the reading is telling me that I am going to be reborn by myself, or if the cards are suggesting our relationship will be reborn if we can both be our most authentic selves?

I feel like cards 1-4 lined up perfectly with my situation, and then card 5 just left me feeling confused. Anyone’s advice or their own interpretation of Judgement as our “likely outcome” would be much appreciated. I don’t want to ask the advice of the friend who’s been teaching me, as i feel like her judgement is going to be clouded by her own feelings about my partner (she does not like him and wants me to leave him, and be single like her) She did the reading for me in person after i had shuffled and intuitively picked out the cards myself, so these are definitely the cards that were meant for me.

Thanking you in advance!

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