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This is my first post here so bare with me

A little background: I am fairly new to tarot, started with my first deck early 2022. However, since seeing tarot cards as a child I had always felt a strong pull to know more about them. This pull has been continual but was pushed aside due to my strict Ukrainian Catholic upbringing. I was born in Ukraine but adopted to Canada (to a Ukrainian/Canadian family) back in 1991. I arrived with no history or information other than being born in Ukraine. I have always been drawn to Ukrainian folklore, and searched for my biological mother in Ukraine for the first decade of my adult life. Long story short, and with the help of amazing strangers, I found her in 2015, in Ukraine. I had been gone back each year since until 2020 hit us, and then the invasion. 2019 was my last trip. In 2019 I was able to met my biological grandmother, the connection with her was very strong. She could not let go of me. Her knowledge of folklore and the lands history resparked my interest and my pull to my history, but also to tarot. She has very strong intuition and I feel like it validated how I have personally felt my entire life. She unfortunately passed away in 2020 and I will no longer have the opportunity to learn from her. She told me I released her guilt and pain held since 1991, she was a main force in me being left at the hospital. They never knew I had been adopted to Canada and spent decades regretting and feeling guilt.

More recently, I have spent a lot of time in the mountains, healing, and preparing myself for the next phase in my journey of life. ** I am looking for some personal tarot spreads to help me connect more to my roots, ancestry, and answer questions that I have carried with me throughout my life. I have family in Ukraine now, being deployed to the front lines to defend.. they may not return home. I am also looking for personal spreads that might help me with all the uncertainty that comes along with war..

Sorry for the long post but I feel the background here is relevant to what I am looking for in personal tarot spreads.

Hopefully I can get some good advice here. If anyone has tarot advice based on my post that is non spread related, I'll take that too!

Thank you.

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