TdM or RWS for first deck? use is for self-insight, projection, self-therapy, personal devlopment

So I'm new to Tarot (fell in love with the idea after a friend did a reading for me and I felt seen by the cards). I started practicing with Labyrinthos app. I draw cards, then go look for meaning in RWS books (Holistic Tarot – Benebell Wen, The ultimate guide – Esselmont) and TdM book (Yoav Ben-Dov's book, and online).

I'm under the impression that the RWS meanings are very standardised and differ very slightly if ever at all between different sources.
On the other hand TdM seem to have different definitions according to different sources which may offer more flexibility for readings, but I'm afraid of getting lost quickly between sources, especially concerning the Minor Arcana. Nevertheless I'm from France and that inclines me towards buying a TdM.

Also, my guess is that secular/psychology/self-development resources should be more available for the RWS than the TdM, but please confirm or correct me on this.

Here are the questions I have:

1- What deck should I buy for the intended use I have for Tarot? TdM or RWS?

2- If I'm ever going to buy a TdM deck, I think the best choice is CBD Tarot (but still open to suggestions). On the other hand for RWS, I don't know what would a be a great beginner deck, not very expensive, and still with original RWS drawings?

3- Any great books that you'd recommend for the uses I intend for Tarot?


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