ten of cups and three of swords in a job reading?

So i started this temp job.. which I took because even though I have 10 + years experience in the field I dont have references as my previous colleagues just cant be bothered to give me references (nobody wants to fill out long forms or sit on the phone for 20 minutes to talk about some former colleague) and nobody will hire you without three professional references.. so I took this temp job hoping to be able to squeeze at least one reference out of them and worry about the other two later

The idea was "we will hire you until we post on Indeed the job and find the permanent person"

However, one of the direct supervisors of mine asked me if I would be interested in staying here permanently as "you have been so helpful", and I said yes, but they are still actively looking on Indeed, so I decided to do a reading just so that I know where I stand so that I can plan my next steps accordingly, girl has got to plan. No hard feelings either way, just want to know where I stand so I can plan accordingly.

I shuffled my deck to see what will fall out and I got 10 of cups + 3 of swords.. what does this even mean? I know some people interpret 3 of swords as "problems washing away" as it is rain in the background in RWS, not thunder, but I am not sure I buy that interpretation. So I am stuck, what does this even mean? I have been sitting with this reading for eons and keep drawing a blank

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