!THANK YOU! – Please Help with Vision Loss and Tarot Issue!

Hello all! I am (sadly) losing my vision.* Knowing this is coming down the slopes at me, I am trying to find ways to incorporate tarot into my future. I know there are braille tarot cards (they're on the list). But I'm looking for other options as well. I studied geomancy for a while, as well as numerology – so I'm not concerned about forms of divination itself, as much as I am the self-counseling and self-reflection aspect. If I'm going to make alternatives, than now is the time. I have friends with 3-d printers who are willing to help 'build' such. And I will shortly have access to a braille slate. Some of things I have to consider is changing from a visual life to a tactile life. (For example: I took an art-for-the-blind class a few years back. The first lesson I learned was to draw a dot in the middle of a page, and surround it with imperfect circles. This is an artistic representation of a blind person standing in water.) I don't have a lot of ideas on how to make this transition with tarot. Even if it's just a spitball – please lob any ideas/thoughts you have in my direction!


* (Complications from diabetes: The expectation right now is it will be a slow process BUT there's also a risk of tearing retinas. This means I could lose vision in seconds.)

Edit to ad: I am a crafty person and have a lot of skillsets from that. What I don't have (yet) are solid ideas and experience with what does/does not work.

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