The cards tell me one thing and my intuition the opposite

Hello everyone, I’ve been doing readings for a family member for a long time now. Lately, they have been asking the same questions over and over. I’ve informed them that that is not the best idea, but they insist.

They are asking about their SO coming back into their life. The answer is always yes. Not only coming from me, but this person has also consulted with other tarot readers. Now, that person coming back also affects me personally. And so my gut instinct tells me that it won’t happen. I just can’t see it happening at all. But I feel like I can’t tell my family member that, as it is contradictory with what the cards have been saying for a long time now.

The question to you is, what should I do? How can I handle this whole situation? I tried to stop the readings altogether but this person got upset, and I know I should set boundaries but I feel like some of you might understand how hard it can be with family members. Any advice will be of great help 💜

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