The Chariot Card keeps following me

I just had to make a post about this as it has been happening for weeks now but I can't figure out why it's like I'm missing something? Every time I have done a Tarot reading for myself I've always pulled The Chariot card both upright and reversed even when I cut the deck. On multiple occasions when shuffling the deck it would simply just fall onto my lap. Before writing this, I even drew it again! I heard that a repeating card is a sign that you're Spirit Guides are trying to tell you something, I Just can't figure out what.

A bit about my background is that I am currerntly unemployed but recently applied for a job that is a complete career change. I'm waiting for some feedback on my current application and to see whether or not I made it to the interview stage. But, this probably won't happen anytime soon as I only submitted the application on Wednesday. Admittedly, it feels agonising to be a sitting duck waiting for however long, I haven't been sure what to do with myself these past few days. I'm experiencing the typical anxieties of job hunting "Will I get the job?" , "Am I going to be good at it?", "What do I do if I don't get it? I don't want to go through applying again." However, with my overthinking it just makes thing worse if I fail at a completely irrelevant task or get anxious then I just doubt myself even more (How could I ever be a good at a job if I'm too anxious to do anything?) Being unemployed these past couple of months whilst everyone around me works makes me feel so useless as I just want to help too. My drive doesn't allow me to just relax, I have to be doing something or else I'm lazy or a leech (a bit extreme but it's the thought process.)

I'm so appreciative to have persistent Spirit Guides, I just wish I understood what they're trying to tell me. If anyone has any theories or thoughts that will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much taking the time to read!

Have a great day!

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