The Fool and Their Leap of Fate

TL:DR how do you interpret the meaning of Leap of Fate when it comes to the Fool

Context: Years ago when I first got into Tarot I read purely intuitively. I looked up the standard meaning of the cards but didn't really go beyond keywords. I had some relatively accurate readings and it worked.

But when the pandemic hit I kinda distanced myself from all forms of spirituality, dark night of the soul and all that. Now that I've started to pick it up again I figured it was a good opportunity to learn how to read tarot by the book.

Recently I did a reading were in The Fool came up and I interpreted it as Trust in divine timing, just let things happen as they do in the background, you'll get where you want to in the end.

I've been dealing with some emotional stuff in my life lately (I've gotten several confirmations that the thing that I wanted will happen far into the future and is not something I can or should force in the present) that I've come to accept was beyond my control (time to surrender) and made a conscious decision to give up trying to force things to happen and leave it up to whatever is out there (whether it be god, gods, the universe, etc.), and the appearance of the Fool makes me think that whatever is out there is saying "yeah we heard you, don't worry we got your back, focus on the present, we'll handle the rest."

I've had multiple readings, both by me and some friends, since then of different topics but related to the original reading and the Fool always comes up.

This was my idea of how The Leap of Fate meant when it came to the Fool back when I read intuitively. But looking up more traditional meanings makes me think my interpretation is slightly different.

So I want to know how all of you see the Fool's Leap of Fate to get a bigger picture of what it means. Thanks to everyone who replies!

Edit: I know meanings can be deeply personal, and there is nothing wrong if I decide my interpretation is what is right for the situation, but as I am learning the traditional way of reading the cards (the standard meanings exist for a reason) I want more perspectives to understand the nature of the card.

My deck is the RWS btw

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