The Hierophant and The Devil

I pulled The Hierophant today and I was thinking about how I can be a bit of a stickler to the rules. I like structure, rules, and organization. However, I can be a bit stubborn about these things.

I thought of The Devil card and how The Hierophant could easily become The Devil in its own way. I could see how being too stubborn can lead to becoming stuck in your ways.

And then I thought about how easy it is to become addicted to your own perspective. Your own way. Your own rules.

"Its my way or the highway!" "You're wrong and I'm right. I don't need to hear your argument." "I'm better than you because (insert adjective here)."

I see evidence of this literally everywhere. We all do – I never thought of someone's perspective being an addiction.

Perspective is healthy. An open mind is healthy. Structure, rules, and knowledge is healthy.

What isn't healthy is becoming so rigid in your knowledge, in your structure that it begins to negatively impact others.

The Hierophant is the healthy representation of knowledge, structure, and conforming when one must.

The Devil is becoming so rigid in your perspective, in your way of life, in your beliefs that it begins to negatively impact others.

This isn't to say one shouldn't pursue knowledge – that is the entire basis of tarot: pursuing knowledge.

What I am saying is we should never stop learning, growing or allow our minds to close. Otherwise we manifest the devil.

What are your thoughts?

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