The inner turmoil of wanting more decks

I have been wanting more decks recently, and I literally just got two about a week or two ago: Tarot of the Abyss, and Dark Wood Tarot. But I am torn on what to get next, or if I should get one at all for now: Hush Tarot, Oriens Tarot, Mermaid Tarot, Affirmators Tarot, [Willing to take reccs because I am a little goblin/dragon when it comes to my hobbies]

Will I probably get all four eventually? Yes lol but I wanted to see if I should get one now… Maybe I should consult my other tarot decks to see if they want more "family members". I do also own a few oracle decks and still learning how to use those.

Currently my tarot decks are: Tarot of the Divine, Modern Witch Tarot, Cat Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot, Ostara Tarot, White Sage Tarot, Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Tarot of the Abyss, Dark Wood Tarot

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