The Knight Of Cups as opportunities

So far, I’ve been getting some signs from the universe to be open to opportunities. I gave myself a reading yesterday and received “The Knight Of Cups” which has to do with being open and opportunities.

I’m trying to be more open to new things and opportunities but I’m contemplating a bunch. I’m an aspiring photographer and offered to take pictures for a band near me run by an acquaintance who I ran into a month ago at the store. We’ve hung out once but not for long. He has a gig at 8 tonight and I’m not sure if I should go. I don’t drive, so he is driving. We don’t have a mutual friend in our area. Should I go if I’m nervous? I also don’t feel all that safe and worried being around him and his bandmates.

I’m trying to better my life though and get out there more. I have a habit of always staying home and sleeping …. Help on what I should do?

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