The Magician/The Wheel of Fortune as feelings?

(Deck Used: The Antique Anatomy Tarot by Claire Goodchild)

Question of my client: Would Person A come to develop deeper feelings for me in the future?

Result: The Magician/The Wheel of Fortune clarified by the Queen of Cups.

I would often get this sort of combination whenever my client would ask me the same question about her person. From what I've noticed, it would always be either the Magician clarified by the Queen of Cups or the Wheel of Fortune clarified by the Queen of Cups. The Magician and the Wheel aren't exactly emotional cards so it's left me stumped, however taking from their meanings, I'm interpreting this as manifestation/it can be anything that the person wills it to be depending on how deep their feelings run.

Does that sound about right?

I've also asked how her person feels about her at the moment and drew out the Sun so it's giving me that he's pretty much happy with the way things are between them at this point in time. In addition, I've asked as well if he would be willing to commit to her sometime in the future and got the Empress.

So with these results, I'm getting that yes, he's receptive to the thought of a relationship with her in the future however, is just going along with the flow of things at the moment.

Any other thoughts on my interpretation?

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