the mental facility i’m residing in confiscated my tarot deck

I almost had a panic attack when my cards were missing, but the trust I have in my deck made me calm enough to not freak out. I felt they were in my proximity somewhere, but I had to second guess if I left them at the detox facility I stayed at last week.

The front desk had me sign a paper tonight stating that they were confiscated, but they couldn't tell me why.

I'm a little upset being that this is my religion, and they haven't taken away anyone's bibles, yannow?

I am here for addiction/dual diagnosis (bipolar). I can see that being the cause, but I truly believe they help guide me towards better days. I purpously interpret them in a positive manner & would NEVER point towards doom or death.

Do I have the right to get them back? Or is it an "oh-well" type of situation being its a mental residence facility?

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