The Moon & The Tower together – plus a dream!

For some quick background, there's a man I admire, & have wondered how he feels about me. He has showed up in my dreams several times before, but interestingly, whenever he would we wouldn't actually interact – I would see him or he would pass by, but I wouldn't be able to actually speak to him due to some other event in the dream. But the other night, in another dream we were able to actually "speak" to each other, and the interaction was warm & friendly.

So, after waking up, my curiosity kicked in & I did a 2 card reading for how this man actually feels towards me. Got the Moon, and the Tower (RW deck) That's…quite the combo. I associate the moon with secrets & maybe deception, but also mystical things. The Tower, sudden change, but also something that literally rocks you. I can't quite nail down the tone here – if it's good, maybe I have him "all shook up" & he doesn't know what to think? Or on the other hand, he feels that he can't quite trust me and worries that I'd be a negative "Tower moment" for him?

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