The queen of cups

So I’m wondering if anyone finds the queen of cups facial expression on the tarot card to look angry and agitated ?? I have the traditional rider wait tarot deck and I have 2 decks and when I look closely at the queen of cups face her eyebrows have a large slant and she’s looking at this bejeweled large cup she’s holding as if she well.. hates it lol like she’s almost resenting that she has it in her possession.

Online it seems that no one acknowledges this and says she’s the master of all Emotions and maybe that’s what the card means but both of my print outs are with her having anger in her face and it freaks me out bc i feel like when she comes up in a Reading it should Be a good thing however I always feel worried and like tentative when her card comes up. Like I’m gonna have to explain myself to an angry mom or something lol does anyone else feel this way/ notice her expression ? Or is it just me ?

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