The reversed star as a person

A narcissist is coming to hurt me and spread my dirty laundry, they are going to be spilling my secrets. “Secret haters spying.” During this reading on me the main cards where 10 of swords, king of wands, and the empress.

So I did a reading describing the person, the sun. So I kind of seeing it as this person presents themselves as a warm positive person but it’s all a illusion and there intentions are not the same

So I then asked who this person is to me, the reversed star. I’m at a loss and don’t really know how to apply this to my life.

Someone suggested a fallen star, someone who was respected and well regarded whose reputation has since fallen down. Someone who has is no longer the person they presented to be. Which kind of make sense but I’m just not sure.

Also got a message "A narcissists coming your way who is a fire sign, earth sign is coming back too and it's gonna make you happy" recently I have let a earth sign who destroyed me and was 2 faced kind of back into my life just talking a little, she and a libra destroyed me and totally screwed me over we had cut off the libra and were doing great but the entire time she was telling the libra everything and against me just 2 sided and lying about the way she presented herself.

But the thing is the libra is not in my life and does not know anything about me and the Taurus my old friend is not really in my life and does not know anything going on. I’m at a loss on if could apply to them maybe it’s describing the past and the situation repeating itself? But I don’t ever want them back in my life.

I have another narcissist in my life she is a fire sign Leo just like me but she never really left my life we’re always kind of on and off It could also apply to her but I don’t really have secrets or dirty laundry for her to air all the secrets we have are her secrets.

I’m at a loss does anyone have some advice on the situation and interpreting the reversed star in this situation? Any advice would help I’m really desperate.

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