The Star, Queen of Wands, The Sun to describe a relationship

I decided to pull 3 cards to give a deeper insight to this newfound turn in a relationship. It's about as unconventional as they come, and something we've been sort of building on slowly over years (by necessity, since it's long distance). The cards don't signify anything, I just like 3 cards to get a snapshot/overview of things sometimes.

The Star- hope, renewal; interesting this comes after the Tower, which I feel like is significant since I think we both have gone through our own Tower experiences and have grown from it. Maybe a spiritual component. ( The Tower came up for me 3 times in the couple weeks leading up to this reconnection, which is interesting )

Queen of Wands- I'm not as familiar with this card but I think I can see the fit. The bold confidence, determination, assurance in our interactions. Passion, sexual attraction.

The Sun- it's a happy time and we enjoy what we have…not much additional explanation needed I don't think, haha!

I've avoided reading on this situation for the most part, but I feel like these cards overall reflect my cautious optimism about the state of things. Just curious about other insights to this card combination that I'm not seeing…thanks!

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