The Sun and High Priestess together?

I pulled the High Priestess, the Sun, and Hierophant, for a love reading, in order.

Now in my deck the High Priestess and Sun are similar, they are both women, both holding their hands out facing the sky. Myself and the person I asked about are both women.

I know the High Priestess is ruled by the moon, and represents the zodiac sign Cancer, which is my sign. I also was talking to this person earlier and called them my sunshine referring to the song.

I know the Hierophant signifies commitment as well and the Sun is very positive for love readings.

I’m thinking that this person and I could come together. But they don’t know I feel that way. I’m also feeling that it might not be right away but possibly sometime in the future.

I never pull all major arcana either, this was totally random and does not happen to me ever.

What could this mean?

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