The Sun Queen of Swords R and 10 of Cups – Love Reading

Hi guys,

I did a quick love reading for myself about a guy I've been talking to. For feelings I got the Sun, which is confirmation because he just called me "spicey" (lol) and "kind" yesterday. So warm and generous isn't too much of a leap.

We both have a lot going on and I hope I can cheer him up.

We have not taken the next steps to meet up because he's not sure if he's going to stay in the same state so for the present/near future position I got Queen of Swords reversed which I'm totally stumped. I read it could stand for confusion which would make sense.

For outcome I got 10 of Cups which is really the best card you can get but I want to curb my enthusiasm because theres just so much unknown.

Any help with how the R Q of S factors in with the 10 of Cups and Sun?

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